Robust Lead Administration

Automate & track your leads and opportunities

Develop your sales team to its fullest potential with our comprehensive client relationship software. Organise your opportunities and remain centered on your best deals. Keep track of each of your sales emails, calls and internal notes all through the system.

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Leads Management (CRM) Software

Organize your opportunities and remain centered on your best deals.Customise your pipeline according to your needs and organise your leads with the drag and drop work to distinguish its sales stages. Get instant visual data approximately another actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System
  • Manage the progression of your leads through a customisable sales funnel.
  • Schedule and keep track of your follow up through the Next Action function.
  • Assign and tag your leads to the marketing source & channel to identify the most effective marketing tool.
  • Assign your leads to different sales team and salesperson to track their KPI performance

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's CRM Software Features:

  • Leads & Opportunities Database Management
  • Schedule and Log phone calls
  • Quotation, Invoices, Sales Order Management
  • Sales person Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Follow-Up Reminders
  • Sales Target Management
  • Log your calls with customer with PBX function
  • Leads & Opportunities Status Reports
  • Reporting: Leads, Opportunities, Phone Calls, and Etc.
Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System

Main Features

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System


The conceivable leads, any contacts which may be a lead in future can be followed tracked with the assistance of IndexWorld CRM solution. This moreover incorporates the opportunities which are known and can be changed over to a success.

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System

Pipeline Administration

Get a clear outline of the opportunity pipeline. Work quicker with the drag and drop interface. Set up particular stages for each sales team. Possibility to make sub-stages to way better organize the processes. Automatic archiving of lost opportunities. Manual archiving of other opportunities. Lost is now not a organize but a partitioned field, enable more powerful investigation of pipeline - e.g. Lost ratio per stage.

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System


Manage client database using a client friendly interface. See the history of sales, meetings, opportunities and invoice in one look. Transfer client logo/photo for easier viewing. Data mine clients using an interactive and advanced filter in which client can sort based on any properties as long as the fields exist.

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System


Call logs are kept up for calls. This implies you'll track down logs for all sorts of calls and get the data with few clicks. For the clients this implies good customer service and fast turnarounds.

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System


The sales representative administration include permits you to track your sales team and allot them the foremost suited tasks. Keep track of which salesperson is performing the best and gain insights of their performance using IndexWorld Pakistan CRM Software.

Pakistan Leads Management (CRM) Software System


Create sales report by means of interactive pivot table. Managers can churn out different sorts of report utilizing the existing field. It can be sorted by client, shipment, sales representatives, date, product etc. The report produced is exportable to CSV files and can be viewed in table form, bar chart, pie chart and line chart.

IndexWorld Pakistan Leads Administration Software can be integrated with numerous modules, such as Accounting, CRM, and HRM to futher enhance your trade. Complete automate and systemize your business now with IndexWorld Pakistan Cloud ERP Solutions. Pakistan Lead Administration Software accounting system helps you automatically make and manage invoices for recurring payments as well as generate complete real-time profit and loss reports

Pakistan Lead Management Software
  • Accounting System helps you automatically create and manage invoices for recurring payments as well as generate complete real-time profit and loss reports
  • Integrate Sales & Lead Management System with HRM System to help you manage salaries, incentives, absence, and performance appraisals of your entire sales team
  • By connecting CRM System to Sales & Lead Management System, you will be able to nurture your leads better and get more comprehensive sales reports

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