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Pakistan's No.1 Rental Software To Boost Your Productivity & Efficiency

Track your rental orders, product availability and generate insights on your product returns. Complete with Inventory & Sales Management, IndexWorld Rental System is the number one rental system in Pakistan.

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The rental business model needs a great system to track your products, boost your business efficiency, allowing your staffs to do a simple search & sort throughout all the orders and generate insights on your rental business.

Pakistan Cloud Rental Management System
  • Manage your rental orders, booking history per customer, search & sort easily using the fields in the system.
  • Track your products' availability through list view & calendar view as well.
  • Generate high quality reports which lets you analyze the status of the rental efficiently and review the returns report.
  • With barcode integration, our Rental Management Software offers the users quicker checkout and monitor stocks electronically more effectively & efficiently.
  • Track your daily operations through the stock movement & analysis report for review.

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's Rental Management Software Features:

  • Manage Rental Orders & Invoices etc
  • Multi Location & Warehouse
  • Manage Stock Purchases
  • Rental Stock Tracking
  • Inventor Valuation & Return Per Product Reports
  • POS Integration
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Shipping Tracking, Goods Receive & Return Note Management
  • Various Costing Types & Valuation Methods
  • Barcode Generation & Integration
Pakistan Rental Management Software System

Main Features

Pakistan Rental Management System Software


Manage and track all your rental orders from your various customers. View your booking histories per product, per customer and based on time as well.

Pakistan Rental Management System Software


Track your products' availability easily through the system. View the booking history in a list or calendar format, and plan your resources accordingly.

Pakistan Rental Management System Software


Track when your clients are making deposit. Manage and track deposit or forfeit refunds as well all outstanding deposits in a clear report.

Pakistan Rental Management System Software


Track your in and out stock movement for every rental order. Helping admins to track the stock usage as well as the operations manager to view the daily operations.

Pakistan Rental Management System Software


Integrated barcode system saves huge chunk of time labelling and reading information from the rental. This is very useful for quick stock updates and also helps the users to checkout quickly.

Pakistan Rental Management System Software


Rental Software helps you generate detailed reports for your business and share it with your stakeholders. Useful provide data to any auditing bodies or may be used to setup marketing strategies.

The system itself is packed with lots of various features and this can be enhanced with integration of other modules. The rental system is often most used system and adding more functionality helps cut down time and update the records across various entities quickly. Following features can be added to the system to boost functionality

Pakistan Rental Management Software
  • Our Accounting System lets you easily create recurring invoices, seamlessly manage customer payments, calculate the value of your inventory and gain better insight into your profits and losses.
  • Keep an eye on your inventory, gain better control of your procurement and maintain your stock levels to ensure they’re adequate to meet customer demands with the help of our Inventory Management Software.

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