Rental ERP System

Boost your efficiency and accuracy with Smart Rental Management

Sitable for a wide range of industry; Fashion, Equipments, Automotive, etc. Manage your inventory bookings, deposits, and integrate with barcode & RFID to bring your business to the next level.

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ERP System Breakdown

Pakistan Rental Management Software

Here are the modules in IndexWorld's Rental ERP system:

  • Rental System will allow you to manage your rental orders, manage deposits, and track the product availability.
  • CRM will help manage your customer details, rental histories, account statements and billings as well.
  • Track your stock levels, rental in & out seamlessly through the Inventory System .
  • Manage your employee activities, expense claims, payrolls, contracts easily through the HR Management .
  • All your billing activiites will automatically be posted to the Accounting System for ease of use as well.

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Rental ERP System