Robust Project & Contract System


IndexWorld’s Robust Project and Contract Management Software allows you to manage all the management & finances aspect of your projects and contracts at one place.

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Project & Contracts Software

With IndexWorld’s project and contract management software you get features like task management, timesheet tracking, invoicing, project analysis, tracking contracts and budget reports. You also get the liberty to link your contract to the respective project’s tasks and timesheets.

Project & Contract Management Software System
  • Link your existing contracts with their projects and track their progress.
  • Manage your projects' tasks and manage the project progress through the collaboration tool.
  • Analyze contract specific budget estimation and profitability.
  • Track revenue and expenses. Analyze and create reports including invoices and timesheets.

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Here are IndexWorld Project & Contract Management Software Features:

  • Edit and manage projects & contracts
  • Manage milestones and billings
  • Customers Database & Profiling
  • Manage invoices, track timesheets and expenses.
  • Reminder for expiring contracts
  • Derive Cost and Revenue per contract and project.
  • Modern Interface Dashboard
  • Track issues, profit and loss on projects
  • In Depth Project & Contracts Reports Generation
Project & Contract Management Software System

Main Features

Project & Contract Management Software System


Track the progress of your projects, analyze the details, create tasks and manage every stage of your project easily. The combination of Project and Contract management saves your from a lot of hassle.

Project & Contract Management Software System


Create invoices and track them. The ERP makes sure that none of your invoices are left unattended by using notifications. Manage your expenses using the expense tracking feature to estimate your profit and loss.

Project & Contract Management Software System

Timesheets & Tasks

Manage your projects and contracts by linking timesheets and tasks. This allows you to track the time expense your staff has incurred, allowing you to have a better visibility of your actual expenses.

Project & Contract Management Software System

Contract & Budgetting

Create, edit and manage contract details, such as start and end dates, subcontractors, customers, expected revenue and many more. Set the contract budget and estimate your success with your contract.

Project & Contract Management Software System

Invoices Mangement

Auto send recurring invoices by defining a specific date in the software or on a milestone basis. Create multiple invoices in a contract and track progressive payments, allowing you to have a visibility of your revenue.

Project & Contract Management Software System


Create reports collectively and analyse them simultaneously. Estimate the profit and loss based on your invoices, timesheets, vendor bills and many more. You can also track your budgetting report through the system.

IndexWorld’s Project and Contract Management System can be customized according to your needs. You can also get this software integrated with some of our other software solutions for an unravelling operational ERP experience. Moreover, this software saves you both money and time by combining the features of both a project and contract management software.

Pakistan Project & Contract Management
  • Integrating Accounting System with Project Management System will help you generate recurring invoices and organize all the project payments.
  • By connecting Inventory Management Software with Project & Contract Management System, you will be able to easily monitor all the resources used for each project.
  • Our HRM System helps you better manage your recruitment process, thus making it easier for you to find the right candidates for your upcoming projects.

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