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Manage and update your marketplaces all in one platform, automate your marketplaces from shared inventory, order updates, product listing, and generate in-depth reports on your online sales.

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Track your inventory, monitor your sales, manage your listing all through one platform. Users no longer have to go to different platforms to update or manage different orders / products.

Marketplace Management Software
  • An easy-to-use interface with adaptable and reliable data accessing features. The system is easy to learn for new users.
  • Customized data with smart views and relevant search features for easy access to previous as well as current data.
  • Using barcodes is quick, easy and accurate. Mark your products, tools or inventory items for proper tracking.
  • Automate batch number and serial number generation for each of your products.

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan Marketplace Management Software Features:

  • Connected to Major Marketplaces from Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, and many more.
  • Product Listing Management
  • Order Processing Management
  • Shared Inventory
  • Stock Movement Tracking
  • Low Stock Level Notification
  • Picking & Packing Management
  • Shipment Tracking, Goods Received & Return Note Management
  • Sales Reports & Integration
Marketplace Management Software

Main Features

Marketplace Management Software

Centralized Inventory

IndexWorld System allows you to list, synchronize and automate your inventory across multiple marketplaces from one central hub, allowing you to save time, maximize sales, minimize overselling and increase profits.

Marketplace Management Software

Order Processing

With all orders being in one platform, you can manage your orders a lot faster and more efficiently. Faster and more accurate order processing to improve customer satisfaction, reduce labour costs and increase your seller performance ratings.

Marketplace Management Software


Apart from inventory and sales tracking, the software also allows you to track your logistics for different platforms. All in one place. The tracking IDs are automatically generated for individual marketplaces so you don’t have to generate and update them manually.

Marketplace Management Software

Picking & Packing Management

The system automates your picking & packing for all orders from all platforms, allowing you to manage your fulfillment much easier. Manage your daily picking list, and then pack the items to individual orders and manage your waybills.

Marketplace Management Software

BARCODE Generation

Integrated barcode system saves huge chunk of time labelling and allows you to manage picking & packing easily. This is very useful for quick stock updates in the electronic form and also helps the users to manage picking quickly.

Marketplace Management Software

Marketplace Reports

Tracking metrics from multiple platforms manually is a tedious task. But our software lets you compare statistics and other analytical data from all your lists at one place. The graphic oriented reporting features let you analyze and infer reasonable metrics to improve your overall business.

The system itself is packed with lots of various features and it can be enhanced with integration of other modules. Following features can be added to the system to boost functionality.

Marketplace Management Software
  • Integrating Purchasing System with Marketplace Management System will reduce your procurement costs resulting in more profit.
  • Connect Marketplace Management System to our Accounting System to gain complete visibility into your profits and losses and to generate comprehensive financial reports.
  • Our Inventory Management Software allows you to centralize all your stocks across multiple platforms, simplify your reorder process, maintain the right inventory levels and track shipments to ensure a smooth order fulfillment process.

Purchasing System
Accounting System

Inventory Management Software