Complete Learning Management System

Streamline Planning and Learning Activities

Organizing schedule course activities and preparing learning content can be really challenging. However, by utilizing our complete Learning Management System (LMS), managing schedule is no more complicated and inconvenient. Find out how our LMS helps you facilitate your work processes.

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Simplify the school admissions and enrollment process by using Pakistan’s No.1 Learning Management Software. Our LMS allows you to deliver rich content to the students, record attendance and monitor performance. Boost your school management process by using IndexWorld’s LMS.

Complete Learning Management System
  • LMS gives you the ability to keep track of the students’ progress and ensure they meet their performance.
  • Simplify your tracking, recording, administration, documentation and the learning process.
  • E-Learning reduces the online training times. LMS gives online students the information they need in direct and organized manner.
  • LMS provides students unlimited access to e-learning materials. Students can also access them through their tablets and smartphone.
  • It is easy to integrate E-Learning with social media. LMS allows you to include links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which can give extra benefits to your students.
  • LMS facilitates the management of communications through messages, emails, and forum between students & teachers and employees & administrators.

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Here are IndexWorld’s Learning Management System Features:

  • Student Admission Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Student Database Management
  • Online Courses
  • Examination Management
  • Course Management
  • Learning Content Management
  • E-Learning Management
  • Campus Management
  • Attendance Management
Complete Learning Management System

Main Features

Complete Learning Management System


E-Learning Management enables tutors to deliver courses more efficiently. It also promotes active and independent learning. IndexWorld’s E-Learning allows tutors to create learning objects including sections, quizzes, and files easily.

Complete Learning Management System


IndexWorld’s Learning Management System streamlines the course creation through Course Management feature. This feature helps admin fill up few fields and submit it to go live. Once the courses are created, it can be used by faculties and students for enrollment purposes.

Complete Learning Management System


Our LMS helps institutions proceed with student admission in a more convenient way. It allows schools to customize admission form to the class to where the admission is taking place. Each form generates an application ID which can be used to track each applicant from tracking of their pass status, credentials, and their qualifications.

Complete Learning Management System


With the help of IndexWorld’s Learning Management System, schools are able to maintain and organize students detail information. Students Database Management helps you monitor activities related to student life-cycles from maintaining a comprehensive list of all application details, funding records of students, to record students behavior in exams and other learning activities.

Complete Learning Management System


With IndexWorld’s Learning Management System, learning made simple. It allows tutors to give assignments, quizzes, and tutorials to their students through training videos. They are able to watch a new training video once they have submitted an assignment.

Complete Learning Management System


IndexWorld’s Learning Management System is completed with the Attendance Management feature. This feature offers easy to use Attendance Register and Sheet. Improve the attendance management by creating a new register and attendance sheet with a single click.

Our Learning Management System can be integrated with our other modules to improve its functionality. Complete the software with other modules to gain more benefits.

  • HRM System helps you manage school staff salaries attendance, leaves, appraisals, and taxes.
  • The integration between our LMS and Accounting System helps in creating invoices, managing taxes, keeping track of payments and generating in-depth and accurate school financial reports.
  • Integrate it with our Inventory Management Software to keep track of your school inventory and control the costs of your purchases.

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