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The wholesale business model needs a great inventory system and this becomes even more important in today’s high competitive environment. With an efficient inventory system you can streamline sales and finances allowing you to reap maximum profits and cut down expenses.

Pakistan Wholesale Cloud Inventory Management System
  • Manage your supply vendors, stocks, purchasers and the orders from a single platform, giving you more control and easy access to critical information.
  • Generate Purchase Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes, Goods Receive Note, and many more through Wholesale Inventory Management Software.
  • Generate high quality reports which lets you analyze the status of the inventory efficiently and prevent any unneeded stocking.
  • With barcode integration, our Wholesale Inventory Management Software offers the users quicker checkout and monitor stocks electronically more effectively & efficiently.
  • The auto procurement feature allows the items to be fetched as they approach the exhaustion limits.

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's Inventory Management Software Features:

  • Manage Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Credit Notes, etc
  • Multi Location & Warehouse
  • Manage Request for Quotations & Call for Bid
  • Inventory Stock Tracking
  • Various Costing Types & Valuation Methods
  • Inventory Forecast & Perpetual Inventory Valuation Reports
  • Packing Management
  • Double Entry Inventory to allow full traceability from the supplier
  • Shipping Tracking, Goods Receive & Return Note Management
  • Barcode Generation & Integration
Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management Software System

Main Features

Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management System Software


Stocks can be managed easily using the Wholesale Inventory Management Software Pakistan. The hassle to manage complex stock information is no longer a challenge when you use this system along with many other benefits.

Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management System Software


The system allows you setup auto-procurement rules which auto order an item to the supplier in case of reaching the lower limit for the inventory item. This means automation of purchases and avoidance of getting short of any necessary items.

Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management System Software


Wholesale Inventory Management Software Pakistan manages the supplier’s information such as supplier’s records and details that allows easy access to multiple suppliers. Happy suppliers always bring you opportunities to prosper your business if you’re able to maintain good business relations!

Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management System Software


The system allows support for multiple warehouses. This is big benefit for ensuring that all your inventory stocks can be monitored from one system while getting an overview of the stocks stored in different warehouses.

Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management System Software


Integrated barcode system saves huge chunk of time labelling and reading information from the inventory. This is very useful for quick stock updates in the electronic form and also helps the users to checkout quickly.

Pakistan Wholesale Inventory Management System Software


Wholesale Inventory Management Software Pakistan helps you generate detailed reports to get quick information for the inventory and share it with internal or external stakeholders. This can be used to provide data to any auditing bodies or may be used to setup marketing strategies.

The system itself is packed with lots of various features and this can be enhanced with integration of other modules. The inventory system is often most used system and adding more functionality helps cut down time and update the records across various entities quickly. Following features can be added to the system to boost functionality

Pakistan Localized Wholesale Inventory Management Software
  • Purchasing System helps you plan your inventory purchases budget, control procurement and simplify your supplier management.
  • POS System will be helpful for you to update and synchronize all your stocks across multiple outlets.
  • Integrating Accounting System with Inventory Management Software will greatly assist you in performing inventory valuation and financial forecasting.

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