Robust Helpdesk & Ticketing System

Simplify your customer service & support management

Deliver the best customer servivce through IndexWorld Helpdesk Ticketing Management. Track your customer's emails, calls seamlessly through the tickets, allowing your agents follow ups easily through the system.

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Helpdesk & Ticketing Software

Enable your agents to track prioritize and solve customer tickets. Integrated to the CRM, EQUIP Ticketing System allows you to generate in depth reports based on demographics as well as internal analytics. Have better follow ups with our system reminders, improving the relationship between your business and your customers.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System
  • Manage, track all incoming calls, emails or web tickets through one place. Track and prioritize the tickets and have an effective follow up.
  • Never forget another issue submitted by the customer - as EQUIP has an auto reminder to the agents for non-action tickets.
  • Know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets. Organize your work based on your scheduled next actions.
  • Generate in depth reports on

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's Helpdesk Software Features:

  • Ticket Tracking & Prioritization Management
  • Email & Calls Management
  • Customers Database & Profiling
  • Live Chat Ticketing Management
  • Reminder for inactive tickets
  • Agents, Team & Ticket Priorities Management
  • Modern Interface Dashboard
  • Log your calls with customer with PBX function
  • In Depth Helpdesk Reports Generation
Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System

Main Features

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System


Track and prioritize all the tickets, each ticket can be marked with different levels of priorities and managed through different agents. Agents can group the tickets based on categories, status, date, etc.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System


All emails and calls for each ticket will be logged to each ticket. Agents can also reply to the emails directly through the ticket and it will be logged. Integrateable to any email server.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System


EQUIP allows you to setup multiple teams through the system and assign rules for each team, such as the type of emails / calls they should be receiving, notifications, and many more.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System

Ticket Portal

Your customers can also come to the website to submit and track their tickets. Agents' response will also automatically notify the customers and they can login to the portal to view their ticket.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System


EQUIP Helpdesk System also comes with in built live chat which you can integrate with your website. All the live chat will automatically go to the system where your agent can response, and eventually record as ticket.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing System


Get a clear overview of the service help desk performance. Generate ticket reports per agent, per month, category and many more. Managers can then generate any dynamic reports based on the fields and generate visual reports.

IndexWorld Pakistan Customer Relationship Management Software can be integrated with many things, such as Websites, Accounting System, Inventory System, etc to further enhance your business. Complete, Automate & Systemize your business now with IndexWorld Pakistan Cloud ERP Solutions.

Pakistan Helpdesk Ticketing Software Provider
  • With the help of our CRM System, you will be able to easily convert your potential leads to opportunities, log every phone call, create a strong sales pipeline and many more.
  • Connect Help Desk & Ticketing System to Call Center Management System to improve your call center operations and optimize the SLA policies
  • Integrating Help Desk & Ticketing System with our HRM System will help you keep track of your agents performance as well as manage their commissions, contracts, leaves and more.

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