Complete CRM System

Manage your customers & sales seamlessly

Manage and track your customers and sales action effectively all through the system. Track your opportunities, create quotations, sales orders, and many more. System can also be effectively accessible from your mobile anywhere, anytime.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Organize your opportunities and remain focused on your best deals. Customize your pipeline according to your needs , drag and drop your opportunities from one stage to another. Get instant visual information of following activities, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System
  • Manage your customers, leads, opportunities record & their statuses from a centralized system.
  • Easily get to all vital information about each contact. Adjust evaluated revenue and success rate. Organize your next activities and plan meeting straight from the lead form.
  • Know precisely how you perform compared to your monthly targets. Organize your work based on your planned next actions.
  • Convert opportunities into quotes in just a few clicks. Get a complete overview of the customer history.

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's CRM Software Features:

  • Lead, Opportunities & Customers Database Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Quotation, Invoices, Sales Order Management
  • Sales person Management
  • Activities and calls management
  • Sales Pipeline Customization
  • Modern Interface Dashboard
  • Log your calls with customer with PBX function
  • Leads & Opportunities Status Reports
  • Sales Reports Generation
Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System

Main Features

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System


The conceivable leads, any contacts which may be a lead in future can be followed effectively with the assistance of IndexWorld CRM Software. This too incorporates the opportunities which are known and can be converted to a success.

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System


The sales representative administration allows you to track your sales team and relegate them the foremost suited tasks. Keep track of which salesperson is performing the most excellent and gain insights on their performances using IndexWorld Pakistan CRM Software.

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System


All invoices, quotes and the sales orders can be easily managed using the IndexWorld Pakistan CRM Program. The Customer Relation Management System Software Pakistan has been made to handle diverse sets of information related to sales and gives a great understanding to details for the same to the client.

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System


Call logs are kept up for calls. This implies you'll be able track down logs for all sorts of calls and get the data with few clicks. For the user this implies great client benefit and fast turnarounds.

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System

Email Marketing

Create campaigns to automatically send emails custom-made to the lead sgment and activities of the lead.Create e-mail layouts and oversee your e-mail impacting easily through your system.

Pakistan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System

Pipeline Administration

Get a clear outline of the opportunity pipeline. Work quicker with the drag and drop interface. Set up particular stages for each sales team. Possibility to form sub-stages to way better organize the forms. Automatic archiving of misplaced opportunities. Manual archiving of other opportunities. Lost is no longer a stage but a isolated field, empowering more powerful analysis of pipeline - e.g. Misplaced proportion per stage.

IndexWorld Pakistan Client Relationship Administration Software can be integrated with different modules, such as Accounting System, HRM, Promoting Automation and others to advance upgrade your trade. Total, automate and synergise your business now with IndexWorld Pakistan CRM Software.

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