Robust Central Kitchen System


Manage your chain of food outlets with our robust and simple Central Kitchen Management Software. Keep track of your operations and work procedure efficiently. Take & manage orders, keep an eye on your inventory and track the delivery details, all at once.

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Automate kitchen, order and delivery operations

Our Central Kitchen Management Software, will make things easy for you to run your business. Our software helps you with all your workplace chores ranging from order management and inventory management to accounting tracking and reporting.

Pakistan Central Kitchen Software
  • ● IndexWorld Central Kitchen Management Software allows you to have online outlets and customer portals to make orders. Admins can view live orders from the kitchen screen.
  • Keep track of your perishable and nonperishable food items and other tools and inventory across single and multiple locations. It even outlines a smart production plan based upon these details.
  • Automates your purchase order management and provides detailed reports of every management process.
  • Automatic scheduling of kitchen orders ensures that all your orders are processed in time.

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's Central Kitchen Management Software Features:

  • Online Ordering Portal for customers
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Kitchen Screen System
  • Barcode Inventory Stock Tracking
  • Low Stock Level Notification
  • Invoicing Management
  • Couriers Management
  • Schedulers and Reminders Management
  • In Depth Reports for Sales, Kitchen & Delivery
Pakistan Central Kitchen Software

Main Features

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The simple to use order portal helps your business and your customers in placing orders with the least possible effort. The front end customer portal can be customized to match your corporate branding as well.
Pakistan Central Kitchen Software

Suppliers Management

With our procurement tracking feature, you can track your supplier contracts and the cost of the inventory you are buying from them. You can also compare the prices of different suppliers to choose the best one.

Pakistan Central Kitchen Software

Kitchen Screen

All orders will be shown in the kitchen screen for the chefs. Chefs can then view the orders to make based on the different stations, and the different timings. Chefs can then update the food processes on a real time basis.

Pakistan Central Kitchen Software

Delivery Management

Drivers can also utilize our mobile app to manage deliveries of the cooked foods, ensuring the deliveries are on time and are fulfilled effectively and efficiently. Recepients can then sign on the mobile app to mark delivery.

Pakistan Central Kitchen Software

Inventory Management

Automate your inventory and manage your procurements accordingly. The inventory management tool helps you in stacking your supplies wisely, meanwhile helping you to prevent wastage from unnecessary procurement of goods.

Pakistan Central Kitchen Software

Central Kitchen System REPORTS

Generate reports related to kitchen production, sales, deliveries and billing with our advanced reporting interface. The data driven approach delivers appropriate statistics and metrics for precise analysis of your catering operations.

Upgrade your Restaurant or food business by incorporating the IndexWorld Central Kitchen Management Software. Integrate this software with your POS(Point Of Sale) software and experience an unmatched smooth operational experience for your business. Features like smart production plan generation and recipe standardization would bring revolutionary changes to your business.

Pakistan Central Kitchen Software
  • Our Accounting System lets you easily create purchase orders, delivery orders, recurring invoices, seamlessly manage customer payments and gain better insight into your profits and losses.
  • Integrating Central Kitchen Management System with Purchasing System will help you gain better control of your procurement, manage the costs spent on your food materials and better manage your suppliers.
  • Connecting HRM System to Central Kitchen Management System will make it easier for you to manage your staff salaries, their leaves and working hours as well as conduct performance appraisals and surveys.

Accounting System
Purchasing System
HRM System