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Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and track their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, track costing history or click through to see the asset's complete history.

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Enhance your operations with IndexWorld’s Asset Management Software. Keep track of your assets, machinery, equipment, the service requirements and other parameters, which can be monitored for proper functioning of your assets.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System
  • IndexWorld’s Asset Management Software helps you track all your assets. Our simplified logs and ledgers allow you to monitor the state and expenses of your assets.
  • You can analyze the costs respective to your machinery, allowing you to analyze costs over time for each of your assets
  • Keep record of vehicle service logs and schedule maintenance to ensure timely servicing to maintain their performance
  • Analyze the fuel and odometer logs to infer the condition of your assets. Analyze the optimal performance level of your machinery.
  • Monitor the contracts for leased vehicles or other equipments, along with their costs, recurring cost amount and recurring cost frequency. You can also alter the status of these contracts accordingly.

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Here are IndexWorld Pakistan's Fleet & Asset Management Software Features:

  • Asset & Fleet Tracking
  • Asset Depreciation Tracking
  • Track Asset & Fleet Service, Fuel and other Costings
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Fuel & Odometer Logging
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Location Tracking
  • Asset & Fleet Reports & Integration
Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System

Main Features

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System

Asset Tracking

The Robust interface of our software stores the details of your assets. From driver name and car values to costs and contracts, our system stores all the necessary details ofyour asset. All the information is displayed conveniently in a single screen.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System

Service Logs

Stay updated with your vehicle service logs to know the last time a vehicle underwent maintenance. The maintenance logs, cost invoices, date, model number and other pertinent details can be easily accessed in the software’s interface.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System

Contract Tracking

Keep an eye on the vehicle contracts and their validity. Track the activation costs, types of contracts, vendors and other relevant parameters available in our software.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System


Analyze the cost incurred by every vehicle in a specific time span. Keep track of the maintenance, acquisition, and fuel charges for a vehicle and compare the data with other parameters to estimate the profitability of the asset.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System

Asset Inspection

With our latest, state-of-the art asset inspection forms, you can ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet. These built-in forms have pre-defined templates which allow you to outline specific issues with a vehicle for the maintenance team.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System

Asset & Fleet Reports

View the operational costs and other data in real time. This helps in improving the efficiency of your fleet and the profitability of your business. The graphical reporting tools such as pie charts and bar graphs, help you in presenting the data easily.

You can enhance the working of this Asset Management Software by using it in combination with our other softwares. This would give you an unparalleled Asset management experience.

Pakistan Asset & Fleet Management System
  • Project & Contract Management System helps you keep track of your asset contracts as well as the use of your assets in each of your projects
  • Maintain employees who are responsible for managing your assets and manage their expenses, salaries and leaves by using our HRM System
  • Manage the costs spent on your asset and fleet maintenance more efficiently with the help of our Accounting System

Project & Contract Management System
HRM System
Accounting System